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Project Description
This Application will help XNA developers create game maps and easily implement them into their games. This includes both 2D maps and 3D Terrain maps.

Program Flow
In the application you will build your map (level) and then save the level. Then in the developer's game project just add a reference to the WorldBuilderLib library and you will just load your level with a simple call. This should allow the developer to have control over everything and still implement the game in his/her own way. There will be surfaced function calls to grab all the data of the world you created.
  • This Application will be supported for XNA 4.0 only. If there are enough requests I will port this to XNA 3.1
  • There will be specific versions also for PC, Xbox360 and WP7 builds. This way there is no extra tuning needed and each library has only what is needed to run on each platform without extra junk.

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