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XNA World Builder

This project is still under development, but You will be able to use the WorldBuilder to build your world (Level) in 2D or 3D and then in your actual project you will just include the small WorldBuilderLib and use the function calls to load your world. This way giving the developer as much freedom with his project as he wants without having to remove a lot of the code they already have in place.

Stay Tuned for releases. and let me know what you want added!

Feature list

  • Terrain Building
  • Environment Particles
  • Skydome creation

  • Tiling for Oblique, and Isometric formats
  • Layers
  • Tile Animation

  • Debug file of level data for quick game testing without having to recompile
  • Encrypted level data for PC

Wanted Features

  • Object Placement & Loading
  • Player/NPC placement & Loading
  • Attach Scripts to Objects, and Player/NPC
  • Camera Placement
  • Triggers
  • Linked to other Levels


  • Language: XNA 4.0
  • Platform: PC, Xbox360, and Windows Phone 7

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